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Welcome to the world of Mystryies April 9, 2008

Posted by dontleave in Poems.
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I am a reveler, I am making merry
I am the king of Hearts, yet lonely in my kingdom
Get of my back, Oh! Love! You are dubious

Whoever will know when you will show your true colors?
Cast a glance at me, too… sweetheart, love me

I have given you my heart, trust me
Those eyes have said something for sure
Don’t blame me if I’m carried away

You act so vain, because you are intoxicated
Look at me, I am not drunk, yet I am intoxicated
Am I drunk on your eyes? Or is it the booze?
Why do I have a feeling that you love me madly too?

Let me confess tonight
I have been pinning for you but I never found you
I can’t live without you
It is true, believe me
I am helpless, trust me

You can even kill me
I belong to you, so does, my heart, my love and my soul